Just 1.67% more to reach 100%: OPA on Le Tanneur

Just 1.67% more to reach 100%: OPA on Le Tenneur

Developing in France and Europe with a diversified offering. It’s one of the goals with which the OPA on Le Tanneur (launched by Qatar Luxury Group and Tolomei Participations) was presented. The two shareholders own 93.8% of the French company’s capital, but they want to reach 100%. That’s why the need to convince the owners of 202,853 shares (equal to 1.67% of the total) to sell them. During the first semester of 2022, the company increased revenue by 30% and reduced losses by 41%.

OPA on Le Tanneur

Tolomei Participations and Qatar Luxury Group own 98.3% of the capital of the company specialized in leather goods and want to buy the remaining shares at a price of 4.30 euro per share. Such estimate points to a 9.7% price augmentation compared to the last listed price and a 4.7% prize on the average price for the last 3 months. One of the operation’s goals, says modaes.com, is to “redefine the strategy to accelerate the company’s development”.

Growth plan

This objective is clearly visible in the document deposited by Le Tannuer. The business’ new growth plan includes the increment of presence in France, Europe, and the diversification of the offering. The company presided by Eric Dailey and administered by CEO Christian Rondelet closed its first semester of 2022 with a revenue of 33.3 million euro, up 30.4% compared to the same period of the previous year. This increase supported the 40% recovery of the losses previously incurred by the company: from -2.5 million to 1.48 million euro.

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