Sophie Hulme’s case: hit by a rare genetic syndrome she closes her 100% made in Italy brand

A rare hereditary syndrome forces British entrepreneur Sophie Hulme to close down the brand by the same name. Hulme started making clothing in 2008, but the product line that had the most success was the handbag one, which she started after three years and was purchased by famous clients, starting with Ivanka Trump. The handbags are made in Italy with Italian leather. Malte Griess-Nega, the brand’s ceo, is letting the major clients know to agree on the terms for the last two collections coming out, as all activities along with the London store will shut down in December. The Members Voluntary Liquidation process, which is a British law that allows brands to liquidate, has also begun. In an interview to a trade magazine, the entrepreneur and creative director explained how she preferred to close down the brand rather than sell it, even if it had profitable performances (over 9 million pounds in 2018) and strong growth perspectives in Asia. “My condition doesn’t allow me to work at least three days a week: my health is worsening and I am spending less and less time in the office – stated Hulme -: even in a world dominated by image, such as the fashion one, it is important to talk about diseases”. Hulme is afflicted by the rare Kleine-Levin syndrome, which causes sleep disorders, and by Ehlers-Danlos’ syndrome, which is characterized by hypotonicity of the ligaments and hyper-elasticity of the skin.

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