Art, leather and micro carving: Vicenza Pelli welcomes Francesco La Rosa

Francesco La Rosa Vicenza Pelli

His name is Francesco La Rosa. He is an Italian contemporary artist, and he is very good at a very peculiar technique: micro carving. He does not need any paintbrush, as he makes use of chisels and knives. As regards canvas, well it is not a traditional one. It is black leather. La Rosa, alongside some of his works and his art, will participate in Lineapelle 97: Vicenza Pelli tannery, which is his “technical sponsor” (taking the term from sport language) at this point, are going to welcome him in their stand, situated at hall 13.

An art gallery at the fair

The agenda, first of all. La Rosa showed up at the fair yesterday, and will join the event today (from 10.30am to 12 and from 3pm to 4.30pm) and tomorrow (from 10.30am to 12) as well. At the Vicenza Pelli stand, they set up kind of an improvisational art gallery, where visitors will admire six works. The artist exhibits all of the other works, included in his collection, in his showroom in Los Angeles.

The artist

Born in Catania 33 years ago, La Rosa is attracted by portraits a great deal. He makes them by carving chiaroscuro on leather and focusing his attention, most of all, on the slightest details. He works, almost exclusively, on a commission basis and, in particular, for celebrities and famous Hollywood movie stars, such as John Travolta. Among his latest works, we can admire some bags (in limited edition, 30 samples only) which he “carved” for Aranyani Luxury Brand. Not to mention his most challenging project: to make The Last Supper, by Leonardo da Vinci, on leather. He successfully achieved it and, rather importantly, he managed to duplicate the painting in accordance with its original size: 8.8 metres long, 4.6 metres high.


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