Burberry’s Welfare: 18 weeks of maternity/paternity leave

Il welfare di Burberry: 18 settimane di congedo a tutti i genitori

Welfare according to Burberry translates into a new leave system for all parents. British brand Burberry has announced that it will offer, to all its employees worldwide, the chance to take up to 18 weeks of maternity or paternity leave, and the same amount in case of adoption.

The decision

The new parental-leave policy will become effective starting from April 1st, 2020 and is based on the encompassing effort Burberry pledged to make toward an improved system for maternity, paternity, adoption and leave for one’s partner. The policy will be applicable for all employees who have been with the company for at least 12 months. Moreover, after the 18 weeks of leave, the new parent is allowed to work 30 hours per week for an additional 4 weeks period, while receiving full stipend.

“Making a difference”

“We want all our employees to have the best possible work experience – explains Burberry’s GM Erica Bourne in an official company note -. We also want them to feel supported in their path to success, especially during periods of significant change in their lives. We believe our new parental leave will make a significant difference for many colleagues all around the world”.

All Burberry’s women

In its note, Burberry also highlights how it is the company with the highest percentage of females on the executive team, within the top 100 companies on the FTSE London Stock Exchange. On a total 10,000 (circa) employees of Burberry, 67% are women (data supplied by the brand and up to date until March 30th, 2019). Burberry’s welfare program enters a system in which Kering has also recently started being a part of.

Image taken from Burberry

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