D&G opens to the “see-now buy-now” and (with some doubt) to finance

D&G opens to the “see-now buy-now” and (with some doubt) to finance

D&G opens to the “see-now buy-now” approach after years of indifference. And more: the brand founded by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana talked positively and with interest, with regards to using the resources made available by the financial world. D&G’s management, at the same time, shows some doubts towards the structure of luxury and its dynamics, in relation to the desirable aspects of the finance system. Covid-19 does impose an acceleration of strategies’ implementation, but without losing touch of one’s nature.

“See-now buy-now”

They are called DG Digital Shows and they began on November 13th with the Walking in the Street collection. These are “real shows – reports Pambianco citing a note by the press – that join physical experiences with the potential of the digital world, to create global and immediate communication”. The format, which will be repeated for new capsules, has two main characteristics.

The first: takes place on the web and social media. The second: is focused on the “see-now buy-now” approach. The clothing that were just presented are available for purchase right away in the boutiques (for those that live in the countries where retail isn’t being restricted by the pandemic) and on e-commerce channels. It’s the first time for D&G.

The relationship with the finance world

Alfonso Dolce, brother of Domenico and CEO of the brand, explains his prudent position on the matter of creating synergies (always possible), between the finance world and that of luxury fashion. “New capital is always an opportunity for luxury companies that still need resources – he says to Milano Finanza -. But that’s because companies in this segment have different business cycles compared to others”. The manager further explains that fashion had dynamics that shareholders are forced to accept.

“Returns on investment can sometime require longer periods and cannot always stay within the quarterly results’ logic – he continues -. Those in finance that approach fashion must understand that”.

Needless to say, that PE and funds alike do wish to change the system but won’t be able to: on the contrary, the risk is that of ruining the business. “Groups that have utilized capital from such institutions, in the last 10 to 15 years, have risked of changing some of their brands – he concludes -. Sometimes they even change the very nature of the product, which was the very unique element that clients desired. When a company make a product mediocre, sooner or later it will have a business problem”.

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