Galliano, Elbaz, Bellini: confirmations, disclosures and dismissals

Galliano, Elbaz, Bellini: chi resta, chi spiega, chi se ne va

While facing comebacks, confirmations and replacements, the fashion industry roundabout keeps moving relentlessly. At the same time, it often holds in store a few interesting surprises. Among others, the agreement between Richemont and Alber Elbaz, who, enigmatically, decided to reveal his own plans. Furthermore, Maison Margiela swore in John Galliano as creative director, while Chloé (which is a brand controlled by Richemont) will appoint Riccardo Bellini (formerly at Maison Margiela) as new chief executive officer.

Alber Elbaz, part one

During a few interviews, Alber Elbaz partly revealed some details about his new partnership project with Richemont. The name of the project is AZfashion. For the records, Elbaz claimed a primary leadership role in the “innovative and dynamic start-up, which is bound to turn dreams into reality”. Elbaz made rather clear the brand will focus on a “little beginning”, with no seasonality and fostering online sales. Quite surprisingly, they supposedly will not present any sneakers: “Why should we do something somebody else is already up to?”

Alber Elbaz, part two

While speaking to WWD, the designer (formerly at Lanvin) pointed out: “I do not want to be disruptive, and I am not keen on wars, struggles nor revolutions. What I am up to is a reset to start again, therefore passionately setting out for a new story. At present, they much talk about data, algorithms, production and duplication. Conversely, my dream factory aims to be home to genuineness. You do not have to be square-shaped, fair enough if you are round-shaped”. Our product will be “creative, yet functional”, handcraft manufactured and sustainable. “In our opinion, sustainability does not mean being politically correct; it rather means embracing an idea we deem it important”, remarked Elbaz. At the same time, he decided to turn down some more partnership agreements, with Tod’s for instance, because his new project is going to monopolize all his time.

John Galliano to remain in office

OTB and President Renzo Rosso have renewed John Galliano’s contract: he will therefore remain in office as creative director of Maison Margiela. “Five years ago, I believed John would be the only suitable person to lead this fashion house. Today, I am more and more convinced about that”, emphasized Rosso. Galliano has been working as creative director of the fashion brand since October 2014. Since then, the brand has successfully redoubled its sales. Galliano also launched some bags and sneakers: they subsequently drove the company’s business with regard to accessories, which now account for 60% of the brand’s overall sales.

Riccardo Bellini to quit

Yet, allegedly, Maison Margiela have not sworn in their chief executive officer. In fact, as reported by WWD, Riccardo Bellini is going to take office, starting from December 1st, as new managing director of Chloé, whose brand is controlled by Richemont. He will take over after Geoffroy de la Bourdonnaye, who had been in office since September 2010.

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