All of Teaser leather, Givenchy capsule by Williams

Tutta la pelle di Teaser, la capsule Givenchy firmata Williams

Elegance is what befits the young metropolitan public. On the other hand Matthew M. Williams has been appointed by LVMH to bring the brand into the luxury of the third millennium, the one contaminated to the roots by casual. So it is no coincidence that Givenchy capsule signed by Williams is called Teaser, like the tantalising previews of films. The collection opens a window on the role that leather will have in the new course of the brand. And also, on the recognition that will come from the public. The designer has already presented Spring Summer 21 collections, of course. But it will only hit stores in February. The capsule, on the other hand, he’s been immediately (and until the end of December) distributed.

Givenchy capsules by Williams

The leather in Williams’ plans (pictured, from his Instagram account) is very present. It is found where it is easiest to expect it, that is, in accessories. The Antigona ankle boots, belt and bags (right) are 100% calfskin in both the structured and vertical models. On the other hand, the clutch bag with padlock is in lambskin, which also serves as a cover for iPhone11. Speaking of colours, the season has its effect. Teaser comes out in December, the darkest time of the year that marks the transition from autumn to winter. Black is dominant. The miniskirt and coat in reptile-printed calfskin (left) presented in dark brown are an exception. The Givenchy designer did not neglect the Man client. For him, Teaser provides, together with footwear and accessories, a windbreaker with zip in lambskin (centre). Pants, likewise, are in lambskin worked to be thin and stretch.

Images: Givenchy website

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