Paris: Vuitton employees strike for the first time in 15 years

“Convincing Louis Vuitton employees to go on strike is not simple. Many are afraid of being unpopular. But this time the discontent is high and most agreed to do it” declared the French unions (FO, CFDT, CFTC et CGT). This strike was the first in 15 years if you omit the protest of a subcontractor, dated April 2016. The reason for this protest is about their pay. The strike, which lasted an hour, and took place last April 6 in the morning, involved 25% of employees in some factories, and up to 50% in some others. LVMH declined to comment. The subject of the protest is the proposed wage increase made by the brand, even (they say the unions) on average 30 euro gross and held by the workers “not worthy”. LVMH recorded in 2016 another exceptional defined budget. “We are proud to have contributed to this result, but we ask for a return in line with our commitment and with the LV reputation.” Despite the strike, however, work for Vuitton remains the dream of the French university. According to the company recruiting Universum, in fact, for the 12th consecutive year, the brand is the most coveted French society by those who study at the university related to business marketing and business management. The analysis was conducted on a sample of about 40,000 students.


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