Skills4Smart TCLF move forward with training, leather and footwear

Formazione, pelle, calzatura: nuovo step per Skills4Smart TCLF

The Blueprint Erasmus + Skills4Smart TCLF European project (Textile, Clothing, Leather Goods and Footwear) moves forward. After carrying out, in 100 companies and 50 academies of professional training, an analysis of their demand for skills and expertise, they have launched a number of training programs accordingly. Such courses are due to match the eight occupational profiles, either new or updated, they have formerly pinpointed during the previous stages of the project.

Subjects and key concepts

Such are some of the key concepts they will be addressing during the training courses: traceability, sustainability and “green” policies linked to the supply chain. In addition, they will also focus on product and process environmental performance, web technologies for e-commerce, online and digital sales, communication and management. The implementation of the project, which is directed at students, employees and unemployed individuals, rests upon 22 European partners, including Cotance, the European Confederation of the Leather Industry.

European coverage

They are going to apply the above-mentioned programs to the whole of Europe, therefore reaching a large audience, as wide as possible. Furthermore, attendees will also learn about their own national regulations and guidelines regarding professional training. “Aiming to guarantee the educational material suitability, the project will actually manage training programs after summer: that will apply both to initial and ongoing professional training”.

The project

They have been supporting the Skills4Smart TCLF project through a financial subsidy, which amounts to about 4 million euros. Its primary aim is to “enhance modernization and competitiveness in the textile, clothing, leather goods and footwear (TCLF) industries, across the European Union”. Which way? “By developing a strategy supported by a communication campaign to draw social, economic and political players”.








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