Three buyers knocking on Carven’s doors. Will the French fashion brand ward off its sale in the end?

Three potential buyers are making a bid for Carven, yet the French company is allegedly looking for investors to prevent their buyout. Carven, a French high-end apparel brand, went into receivership: the last day (July 9) to submit an acquisition bid, before the Trade Court of Paris, is overdue now. As reported by Fashion Network, three companies made a bid apparently: the first one is Bogart group, who have taken the ownership of Carven’s make-up products and perfumes production rights since 2010. The second one is Cashtex, who actively play in wholesale clothing and leather goods (they also make and develop accessories upon license: for example, bags for Jean-Louis Scherrer). The third one is Philippe Métivier, an entrepreneur, who is not as well known in the fashion world as the other two buyers are. Carven’s insolvency administrator and the top managers of the same brand are striving hard to call investors, with whom they might have a chance to arrange a recovery and revamp plan for the company. At the end of July, a new judicial hearing is on the agenda: they will take into consideration all bids, so far submitted, along with other files possibly.


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