EDITORIAL | Leather is culture

It’s easy for us.
It is simply acquired knowledge.
It’s obvious.
We know leather and its world: since always.
And we have always known tanning, with its history and heritage.
A long story.
As ancient as mankind’s history, but not old.
Leather accompanied mankind’s evolution from the beginning to today, characterizing itself, and evolving as the first model of daily circular economy.
Leather is in everything we do.
It is a part of most of the things we use every day.
Leather tells a story, in real terms, of what we are and what we have been.
For this reason (and many more), leather is culture.
Industrial and stylistic culture.
Human culture.
Because of this, in 2019, “Leather is culture” becomes our slogan, as well as our common denominator for every article we publish and any new editorial activity we will promote.
One of this innovation is the one you are reading. With an eye towards a renewal of our journalistic offer, we have chosen to make the update of our website (www.laconceria.it/en) more fluid. We have also chosen to update it more often by sending out twice a week (Mondays and Thursdays) our news through a mailing list to which, whoever would like to do so, can join.
And, with the same user free philosophy, we have updated this editorial product to be published once every two months, collecting suggestions form the chain, in-depth sector reports and also “hot” questions regarding topics of real interest for the entire leather chain.
Questions to which we would like you to answer (as explained in the below box), and that aim at expanding the horizons. The first, and most important reason, is because we aim at breaking that passivity that is now (too) common in the publishing sector. These questions, which we will try to respond to, helped by your answers as well, will be shared with more than our usual readers. We want to share these with a much larger target. A target that still needs to find out how much, how and why, “leather is culture”.

Ball is in your court  |  write to youranswer@laconceria.it
Each cover calls for a question.
We will answer with the tools we have available: interviewing insiders and experts, collecting testimonies.
But you too, dear readers, are called to do your part.
By interacting with our social accounts or writing to youranswer@laconceria.it.
In a constant and transmittal dialogue with La Conceria, we ask you to let us know from time to time your opinion on the question that, each time, we will put on the cover.
Because for us you are not just readers.
You are stakeholders, an active part of our history and of our community.





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