8 Indian tanneries are forced to close due to delayed setup of sewage disposal plants. “We just needed more time”

Despite the fact that they had time to get compliant with rules, they did not abide by legal obligations. That is the reason why they are closing now. In fact, the Environmental agency of the Indian province of Tamil Nadu (TNPCB) has imposed the lockout of 8 out of 11 tanneries located in Sembattu and Gundur. The story has been going on for a long time. In fact, the same authority had formerly notified the tanning companies, last November, of default regarding sewage disposal and discharge in the common purifier. As reported by local press, tanneries contest and criticize such injunction, as they claim that it could have been postponed: “We had already completed 80 per cent of the interventions, we just needed more time. This stop is bound to put our jobs at risk”. (Photo from ibtimes.co.in)


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