American customer complains on tv about bonded leather. Leather Research Lab clears up why he is right

How can a 1,500 USD worth couch possibly turn, in 6 years, into a ruin “seemingly coming from a war zone”? An American customer (Alan) inquired at WJCL network, as he pointed out that when purchasing it, the item was displayed in “genuine leather”; then he found out that its upholstery was actually made of “bonded leather”, that is, leather fibre board. Aiming to answer his question, WJCL consulted Steven Lange, director of the Leather Research Lab at University of Cincinnati, who grabbed the opportunity to take advantage of television to address the general public and explain that leather fibre board is made of “very tiny cuts of leather chemically pressed and held together”. That’s important indeed: “Once customers see the difference between leather and leather fibre board – quoting his own words – they just go for leather”. US consumers often had to deal with leather fibre board little reliability. Hope they learnt the lesson well.


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