CNMI against the government: “Nothing for the fashion industry in the budget”

CNMI against the government: “Nothing for the fashion industry in the budget”

“The government is not keeping in the fashion industry top of mind”. Carlo Capasa, president of Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (CNMI), calls out the financial maneuver for not including the fashion industry.  And there is also no sign of the of the 12 proposals presented by Capasa (in photo) to the minister of Made in Italy, Adolfo Urso. Capasa counts on getting some action items approved.

The disappointment

The numbers of Italy’s fashion industry aren’t enough to convince the government to support the fashion industry. “There are no elements in support of the segment or industry”, says Carlo Capasa. Sadly the government has other priorities. The president of CNMI wishes some public funds to be made available (500 million euro) from now till 2026, with a special fund to support the green transition of companies.

What does CNMI suggest?

Moreover, reads Milano Finanza, Capasa asks the government to remove limitations (based on potential earnings of individuals while retired) in order to allow them to share their knowledge inside the academies of fashion brands. To favor a generational change, there is the need to strengthen the patent box for design and aesthetic. “It’s true that the fashion industry is a wealthy sector, but once you take away the large brands, it’s made by small companies – says the president of CNMI -, as they need support to drive digitalization, especially in supply chain and sustainability-related items”. A support is necessary, says Capasa, in order to be able to compete with emerging companies from countries such as Romania and Portugal.

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