Excessive or transparent, tribal chic or super colourful. Lineapelle accessories: a world of sophistication to discover

Extreme sophistication for Lineapelle accessories and components: Precious studs, embroidery, metal bars and rings, trimmings or technical zips: detailing takes over leather and fabric, in line with the mood of the moment. In the infinite variety of accessories on offer at Lineapelle, four themes summed up in the New Sensorium mood showcase enormous creativity. A tribal yet super chic reading of the Human Nature theme: a nod to the world of marble, to the dense colours of stone and minerals for “imperfect” accessories. Metals with matt plating, brushed finishes, dual-material studding, metal and horn or metal and natural resins. “A precious perspective, however” – explains Marta Vidussi (Lineapelle Fashion Committee) – “also for embroidery, decorations and threading incorporated in bars, clips or metal ring inserts.” The second theme (Vagueness) encompasses layers and overlays, filters and rubber, “it speaks of detailing that can be interpreted as invisible” – continues Vidussi – “with rubberised zips, heat sealing, technical details such as high frequencies, polyurethane mesh, flexible metal inserts, including an area dedicated to silicone prints”. In the third theme (Singularity), highly decorated with excess and exoticism, “the detailing is the most meaningful element, what makes the shoe or bag modern and contemporary”. This opens a new avenue for heels, jewelled buttons and buckles, hyper-processed metals, decorative studs and multicolour diamante. Furniture style embellishments feature, luxurious fringes and tassels, along with paints and glossy buckles. The final area (Pow! Wow!) revolves around blocks of colour: “The idea is to use detailing as a sign, bright, glossy, dense and strong. All detailing and welts, such as the zips, oversized – of course, and pullers, will be focal points, with colourful resins and stand-out patterning”.


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