Flying leather for top luxury Four Seasons jets and Emirates Boeing 777 business class

When passengers fly, comfort and luxury rely on one common denominator: leather. It is no coincidence, then, that several airlines have been lately opting for that. Right now, we are about to tell you about the last two, among others.

The former, Four Seasons, may boast a new private jet, a 48-seat luxury airbus. Minimum price for a “package holiday”: 147,000 US dollars. Bookings will be available in mid-2019, and the jet is due to first take off at the beginning of 2021. Italian leather proves to be the undisputed ruler in the interiors of the new airbus, which provides passengers with tailored Optimares seats, made by Poltrona Frau, combined with customised leather poufs (in the Four Seasons picture).

The latter, Emirates, presented their newly configured Boeing 777-200LR, which will fly from Dubai to Tunisia. The new aircraft provides 38 business class seats: we are talking about wider seats, covered with champagne-coloured leather and embellished with diamond shaped seams. Passengers will have touch-sensitive control panels, with multiple light options, a space to place their own shoes and a personal mini-bar. For the records, the airline did not choose leather only for the business class: in fact, as reported by the website, they have also refurbished economy class seats, which will have leather headrests.


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