A president among the drums: Vladimir Putin visits TC Ryazan Tannery and hopes “that wages grow”

In recent days, Russian leader Vladimir Putin visited TC Ryazan Tannery before attending a meeting on the national light industry in the same city. Putin talked to the company’s staff and praised the quality of the products. “I hope that wages grow,” said the Head of State, emphasising the number of young people employed in the enterprise. Igor Surin, Chairman of the Board of Tobacco Group Russkaya Kozha, of which Tc Ryazan Tannery is a part, replied that the wage of workers is regulated and that at the end of the current year is expected to increase by 9%. Additionally, according to Surin, employees have a welfare package. The president visited all the production departments of the company and received technical information about the tanning process, from raw to finishing. TC has a direct relationship with the Kremlin. He is the leading provider of skins from the Russian Defense Ministry. TC Ryazan Tannery was founded in 1916. Over the last three years, exports accounted for 60% of the turnover, while in volume, annual production averaged 8.6 million square meters.


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