UNIC, the restoration of Pompeii tannery is about to be completed 

UNIC, the restoration of Pompeii tannery is about to be completed 

As per schedule, the restoration of Pompeii tannery keeps running at full speed. Such fast pace is going to lead, quite shortly, to the completion of a cultural patronage project financially supported by UNIC – Italian Tanneries and Lineapelle.

The restoration of Pompeii tannery

Over the last days, UNIC conducted a survey to assess the restoration work-in-progress. In so doing, they “personally experienced”, once again, the outstanding importance of the project, whose aim is to give extraordinary value to an awesome example of Italy’s artistic heritage. And more than that. In fact, the restoration of Pompeii tannery evidences Italian tanneries’ sense of cultural responsibility and respect for their own most ancient origins.

What they have done

After entering the second stage, two years ago, the restoration of Pompeii tannery has primarily looked at a widespread museum model that “will give visitors the opportunity to understand the methods by which they used to carry out, in the past ages, the leather tanning process. While doing the restoration, they also implemented several interventions specifically suitable for the reopening of the complex to visitors, in order to set and arrange more and more widely diversified visiting tours”. On top of that, “they took further action to refurbish the so-called Conciapelle (“Leather Tanning”) alley and consequently turn it accessible again”.


In November 2018, UNIC – Italian Tanneries and Lineapelle participated, by reason of the restoration of Pompeii tannery, in the Corporate Art Awards. In other words, the project sponsored by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, along with LIUSS Business School, and supported by Confindustria, Museimpresa, ALES and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Thanks to this participation in the contest, Italian tanners won a special award. They were awarded for “building up a valuable model of partnership between business and art on an international scale”.

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