Italy’s role within the positive quarter of the US leather segment

Italy’s role within the positive quarter of the US leather segment

US exports of raw hides and semi-finished leather recorded a good quarter (January-March). The segment increased volume sold by 20% and by +28% in value. Data from the association LHCA certifies the full recovery in purchasing levels by Asia and the increased demand of Italy. The near entirety of the markets recorded positive results even when compared to the 1st quarter of 2021. Raw materials and semi-finished increased alike, even though the former did better than the latter.

A positive quarter

US enterprises sold, during the first quarter, over 7.3 million raw hides to foreign markets. The increment equals +20% in volume and +28%, when compared to the same quarter of 2021. Asia is showing strong recovery signs: China grew 10% in volume and 25% in value, while Italy increased its purchases by 144% in volume (69,577 hides, against the 23,439 of last year’s quarter) and by 157% in value (from 899,000 USD to 2.6 million).


Positive signs are also present for semi-finished leather during the quarter in question. Between January and March, US tanneries sold 923,408 pieces of wet-blue, compared to the 904,130 of the previous year). The increment in percentage terms is of +2% (volume). Revenue went up 8% (from 90.5 million to 97.6 million). The main destination is Europe, with 306,347 units, of which 301,721 were bought by Italy. The increase for Italy is of 44% compared to last year and of 45% for Europe in its entirety. China, in this instance, increased its purchases by 9% in volume and 19% in value.

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