Stahl’s goal: lowering carbon emissions by 25% in 10 years

Stahl’s goal: lowering carbon emissions by 25% in 10 years

Stahl will reduce its carbon emissions by 25% within 10 years. The Dutch chemical company announced while highlighting how achieving the objective will represent an historic moment for the company, which is on its way to become carbon neutral. This strategy includes a series of actions, but the main one will be the substitution of raw materials currently used with low-emission alternatives (in terms of GHGs). This initiative will work on the Scope 3 of the carbon footprint, meaning “emissions from activities from assets not owned or controlled by the reporting organization”.

Lowering carbon emissions by 25%

The Dutch company that manufactures chemicals for the tanning industry has announced “a profound and structural action” to achieve much lower greenhouse gases emissions. Everything will be done in line with the guidelines supplied by SBTI (Science Based Targets Iniziative). Stahl pointed out in a note that the achievement of its goal “will represent an historic moment for the company in its travel to becoming carbon neutral”.

A step forward

Stahl’s SBTI presentation includes specific efforts towards the Scope 3 emissions of the company’s footprint. Stahl explained that “the reduction will mainly be achieved via the substitution of fossil-based raw materials to low-emission alternatives”. The strategy joins other initiatives on Scope 1 and 2 emissions launched by the company after the Paris Agreement of 2015.

The comments

“Aligning our goals on greenhouse gases with the goals of the Paris Agreement of 2015 is ambitious. It will require continuous technological progress across the entire value chain – said Maarten Heijbroek, CEO of Stahl -. We are already working closely with our partners to reach the goal within 10 years. We will be passing on all our progress in our yearly ESG report”. Michael Costello, ESG director at Stahl, added that “by creating a clear and quantifiable objective to reduce our Scope 3 emissions, we aim to offer our stakeholders a solid and complete indication of how we achieve our environmental ambitions as a company. We strive to take the necessary steps to satisfy this ambition for our stakeholders, our planet and the company as a whole”.

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