Myanmar, a commercial plan to save the crocodiles

Myanmar, a commercial plan to save the crocodiles

Save the crocodiles of Myanmar. To reach this goal the local government announced it will allow the farming of the animals for commercial reasons. The decision will allow entities to control the number of units and safeguarding the species, but it will also support the activities of an historic farm.

Saving Myanmar’s crocodiles

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation gave the go-ahead to farm crocodiles for commercial ends. The authorization should be for the following types: salt water, wild ones and for the rare Siamensis species. For the latter almost exclusively lives in freshwater areas of the South-East of Asia, and could be farmed only to be sold to zoos in the future. More in general, the animals will be sold for their meat, and consequently their hides. Regardless, for a final decision to be made we must wait for the ministry of forestry, as the sub-department will dictate the requisites for the farms.

Conservation project

The decision made is part of a development program set up by the Myanmar government to protect species that are going extinct. The final goal would be achieved in the short term though. International laws dictate that only the 3rd generation of crocodiles born in captivity can be sold for commercial ends, and a part of the units is to be released in their natural habitat to ensure the species survival.

Thaketa Crocodile Farm will live on

The plan will not only ensure the protection of the species, but will also save the Historic Thaketa Crocodile Farm in Yangon. The organization was founded in 1978 with the goal of saving crocodiles from extinction, but the costs to run such operation are very high. “It’s expensive to feed crocodiles and transforming this enterprise into a business would be a good decision”, explained U Myint Zin Htoo, Vice-director of the Agriculture and Fishing Ministry to the structure hosts over 500 crocodiles of different sizes, and with the introduction of this new law, Thaketa Crocodile Farm could partner with private companies to receive part of the revenue generated from the sale of the animals’ meat and hides.

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