Traceability, Kindermann (Cotance) demands more from farmers

Traceability, Kindermann (Cotance) demands more from farmers

He was not at all satisfied with the supply chain collaboration. Indeed, from the words of Andreas Kindermann, CEO of Wollsdorf Leather and president of Cotance, he was very disappointed. Speaking at a meeting of the European Livestock Voice on animal welfare, the entrepreneur asked farmers to be more proactive in projects regarding traceability of rawhide.

Requests to breeders

“European tanning wants suppliers to respect the laws in force for animal welfare – are the words of Kindermann according to -. It is not an honorary act: it is an obligation”. This is where the disappointment of the category engages: “One way to ensure that this happens – continues the president of Cotance, the federation of community tanning – is to have transparency and traceability. On this, however, we still find some resistance”.

The tools and demands of the market

There are tools and precautions to be taken, according to Kindermann. One of these is blockchain, for example, which in other sectors has already brought results. Another is to limit the use of trade in live animals, so as to simplify the file of the individual head. The final result is to have a winning product on the market: because a high quality tanning raw material will come from a quality breeding. And because for the customers of tanneries, “animal welfare has the same value as carbon footprint and working conditions of the employees – he concludes -. We have to find a way to reassure them that we are taking care of everything, because that’s what they expect”.

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