Tanneries Riccardo Luchini Painted like that, perhaps, we’ve never seen nor admired them. They are tanneries, as Tanneries is the original title of the series, portrayed by Riccardo Luchini and the subject of a double exhibition session last year. First at Casaconcia, the artistic space of Consorzio Vera Pelle Conciata al Vegetale in Ponte a […]

The number to keep in mind is 33. It identifies how many times the “electronic eye” IRIS is more effective in comparison to the human one. IRIS, developed by Ger Elettronica, won the Best of APLF Awards 2019 for the new Tanning Technology category, in March in Hong Kong. It is a device that checks […]

Quality, replicability, and rapidity of samples are becoming more and more determining factors for the competitiveness of a tanning business, which is facing the tough dynamics of today’s marketplace. Being able to accurately reproduce production lines means allowing technical operators to investigate new configurations in less time and with clear advantages: Energy saving, as well […]

It’s easy for us. It is simply acquired knowledge. It’s obvious. We know leather and its world: since always. And we have always known tanning, with its history and heritage. A long story. As ancient as mankind’s history, but not old. Leather accompanied mankind’s evolution from the beginning to today, characterizing itself, and evolving as […]

di Gustavo De Feo* A few months ago, together with the Consorzio Vera Pelle Conciata al Vegetale in Tuscany, we started a research project concerning vegetable leather ageing. Just like, for us time passes inexorably, slowly transforming our appearance, nourishing our life of experiences that is then visible on our leather, vegetable leather over the […]

di Luciano Falqui e Alessandra Evangelista* The research and development department of Officine di Cartigliano, beside from continuously working to improve its tanning machinery, has also enlarged its reach to touch on the environmental segment as well, because it is a sector that is becoming increasingly strategic. Specifically, the department developed a low temperature drying […]

di Federico Brugnoli* The ideal metaphor is that of the “gym”. Before becoming a fashion and luxury phenomenon, sports footwear has always been an innovative gym, encouraging the entry into production of futuristic materials and technologies, new management solutions for the manual conveyor. All aimed at the need to combine aesthetics and technical performance, and […]

300,000 Like the pieces of Spanish Entrefino lamb leather traced in the first year of project SELAMBQ (Spanish Entrefino Lamb Quality). Its main goal is to “find solutions to the effective qualitative decay of this niche tanning raw material, which is particularly liked by the high-end market”, reads a note in the press. SELAMBQ is […]

The United States close a challenging 2018, and start the new year with a new-found strength in Chinese demand (but for how long?). All the issues and challenges of a time-period that is hard to interpret, according to Francesco Matelli