Argentina: last call for Curtume CBR, 5 million needed

Argentina: last call for Curtume CBR, 5 million needed

Last call for Curtume CBR. The local government in La Rioja, sector’s associations and unions all participated to a meeting to avoid the shutdown of the Argentinian tannery of Nonogasta. But the funds aren’t enough.

Last call for Curtume CBR

5 million USD. That’s the amount needed to save Curtume CBR, along with the faith of its 800 employees. The province’s government has started looking for investors, as it seems to be the only way out of the situation for the business, a point of view shared by the company’s owner.

Potential closing

The tannery, according to union sources and local media, if unable to find the funds, intends on leaving the country. If the local government was able to find the amount needed, the tannery could reopen its doors, but for how long depends on the recovery of the market.

No time left

As reported by, a group of entrepreneurs is interested in taking over the business. The group includes the current owner of the tannery, but as for now, everything else is still unknown.

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