Brazil, JBS supply hides to a leather goods jail lab: here they make backpacks and pencil cases for needy children

Some concepts, such as social inclusivity, occupational rehabilitation, charity, are starting to get closer to the leather tanning industry. In Brazil as well. More specifically, focus on the Unidad 28 Magdalena, a jail that is part of the Servicio Penitenciario Bonaerense (SPB). Here they are currently running a leather goods laboratory: over the last years, its activity engaged around 200 prisoners, seven of whom, as reported by, “gained a relevant expertise that, after imprisonment, enabled them to find a job and earn their living in an honest way”. Such project, among others, in Italy and all around the world, has recently enhanced the social commitment to its mission. While joining a proposition made by Mochilas La Plata, a non-governmental organization (NGO), 30 “detained artisans” manufactured 36 backpacks and 40 pencil cases to help needy children “take up and carry out their studies and aim at a possible future life far away from streets”. JBS group’s leather tanning unit played a role of paramount importance while supporting the project and its noble goals: in fact, they supplied hides to prisoners for manufacturing school accessories.


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