Gruppo Mastrotto to open a new tannery in Santa Croce, Tuscany, and 40/50 new jobs

“Veneto’s most important tanning company has decided to enhance their growth in our Leather cluster, as they bought an available area in Santa Croce upon Arno’s industrial zone. That is evidence of our district’s big potential”, pointed out Giulia Deidda, the mayor of Santa Croce, while announcing that Venetian tanner Gruppo Mastrotto is about to start up a new business in Tuscany. “They have already got the shares to discharge sewage, resulting from leather manufacturing, at Aquarno purifier”, added the mayor during “The tannery to come” conference, organized by the daily “Il Tirreno”, which took place in Santa Croce upon Arno, at Po. Te. Co. (Polo Tecnologico Conciario, the Tanning Technology Hub), on January 17. “Game over”, points out the same daily newspaper in their local news section: Gruppo Mastrotto is going to start up the business in Santa Croce in the next few months, while expecting to open 40 to 50 new jobs. “In Arzignano ground for sewage disposal has been running out – cleared up Alessandro Francioni, president of Assoconciatori (the Association of Tanneries) -, whereas our purifying system can be enlarged in the future”. As reported on the company’s web portal, Gruppo Mastrotto “was founded in 1958; today it represents a solid manufacturing company with over 2,300 employees worldwide and a remarkable turnover (over 455 million euros on annual basis). They currently run 16 plants: 7 manufacturing factories and 5 for logistics, located in the leather district in Arzignano (Vicenza), 1 in Brazil, 1 in Tunisia, 1 in Indonesia, 1 in Mexico”. In the picture: Arzignano headquarters.


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