Pakistan, leather export in bad shape, but Stahl invests in two lab openings

In the first 4 months of the new fiscal year (from July to October 2016) the Pakistani  leather exports decreased by 8% in value over the same period of 2015, reaching 312, $ 7 million (approximately EUR 295 million). The foreign sales of the tanneries, in particular, decreased by 10% (113.5 million euro), while exports fell by 25% in volume (4.4 million square meters). Some segments of finished products did not fare better: Footwear lost 7.8% by volume (3 million pairs), while clothing and gloves figures altogether accounted for a loss of 8.1% in value. However, despite this moment of struggle, there is  still someone who believe in Pakistani leather market. This is the case of the Stahl chemical group, which has inaugurated two new laboratories in Lahore, the second largest city of Pakistan, and Sialkot, Punjab. The centres will support customers in the research of style and materials, including a physical test for footwear and clothing. Specialists in leather, the workshops will also offer to counsel for synthetic materials.


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