Real Leather is Real Sustainability: here is UNIC ad campaign

Real Leather is Real Sustainability: ecco la campagna UNIC

The message, writes UNIC – Italian Tanneries, “is as simple as it is incisive”. This is what its “three-year campaign communicating and promoting at 360 degrees the excellence of Italian leather” is based on. A worldwide ad campaign that explains a truth to be shared in any way and at any level: Real Leather is Real Sustainability.

The details

UNIC ad campaign was carried out in collaboration with the international agency Spring Studios. It has a transversal target, but above all it is oriented to the B2C area. In other words, writes UNIC, “it is aimed primarily at end consumers, because they understand the absolute value of a product of excellence made in Italy”. A product “whose identity is based on indisputable characteristics of naturalness, circularity, durability and creativity”.

The instruments

Real Leather is Real Sustainability “will be spread worldwide on the web and social networks” explains the association of Italian tanners. It will use traditional channels and specific initiatives. With particular attention to places and moments in which the media attention will allow to obtain a greater diffusion of the messages”.

The messages

Just in order to be as viral as possible, the ad campaign moves on various communication levels. One is what you can see in the gallery below. Visual and messages are at the same  time evocative and (very) direct. There are six concepts: Organic, Plastic Free, Sustainable, Green, Recyclable, Bio. All associated with a one single awareness. What each of them finds concrete expression in being 100% Leather.


The objectives

UNIC explains them very clearly, as follows. First of all, “the ad campaign aims to spread and strengthen knowledge and awareness of leather, especially among younger generations. It communicates the identity of a historical and consolidated example of circular economy”. Features that, as (unfortunately) discovered by UNIC, are not well known to the mass of consumers (and not only …). “Leather, in fact, is a by-product of the food industry destined, otherwise, to be subject to disposal techniques that have a strong impact on the environment. The tanning industry, on the other hand, recovers it, dignifies it and transforms it into a material with a very high added-value and multiple uses: fashion (leather goods, footwear, clothing), automotive, furniture and design”.

The urgency

In conclusion, “the objective of the ad campaign is very precise, and no longer delay-able: to communicate the many, evident sustainable pluses of Italian leather. But also, at the same time, to deny the paradoxical accusations that are addressed to leather by misleading campaigns, based on wrong assumptions and, sometimes, objectively beyond the limit of being ridiculous”.

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