Spain-Italy, there and back: Curtidos Badia, which has an outpost in Tuscany, is the first tannery from Igualada to get the ICEC certification

Curtidos Badia becomes the first tannery in the Igualada district obtain one of ICEC’s certification, the reference entity for leather certifications at an international level. The Cataluña-based company, specialized in the production of materials for the fashion industry, obtained the standard ICE TS 412 for leather traceability for its CLASSIC SNC and MOZART MINI GREDOS goods. This is a further step for ICEC’s internationalization, as it has already certified TurkishTunisian and Serbian businesses.

Tuscan Outpost

The ties between Curtidos Badia and Italy don’t end here. The company, run by Xavier Badia (in photo), opened a production site in Tuscany this past October, where it took over a tannery that was already active. Curtidos Badia, with an investment of about 700,000 euro, gained a contact point with Italian clients, as an outpost allows the business to “save time between information exchanges, along with saving time for product development and shipping processes”, explains Badia.


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