Tanning in Mexico has a problem (footwear manufacturers do not)

Tanning in Mexico has a problem (footwear manufacturers do not)

Tanning in Mexico has a problem with managing wastewater. 51 tanneries of Guanajuato have been sanctioned in the last year. That’s the reason behind the complaint made by the reference association’s president, Ricardo Muñoz Arrona, who asked for an immediate change in the mentality and behavior that no longer has a place in the industry. Many of the sanctions have to do with irregularities in the way wastewater is manager: a problem that can’t be tolerated. A matter of environmental safety, but also of image. Right at a time when the footwear segment is recovering: +55% in 2021 and +14% in the first quarter of 2022.

Tanning has a problem

“It is a social, cultural matter, and one of tradition. It’s hard to change, but this change isn’t a petty request. It’s an obligation that we have, it’s simple, we need to respect the parameters and align our production”. Ricardo Muñoz Arrona is clear. There are no excuses: that’s the message launched by the president of the Tanning Chamber of Guanajuato (CICUR) as reported by zonafranca.mx. The position comes from a simple fact: in the last year, 51 tanneries in Mexico have been sanctioned for violations, specifically for the way they discharge wastewater. Speaking to the 250 members of the association, Muñoz Arrona highlighted the importance of investing in processes and environmental safety. It’s a matter of principle, but also one of economic support. Right now, many industries part of the leather chain are trying to follow the recovery trend. The one performing the best is the footwear one.

The footwear segment breathes

“Footwear exports grew 55% in volume in 2021 – states José Abugaber Andonie, president of Concamin, to El Sol de Leòn –. Export data shows an increase of almost 14% during the 1st quarter of 2022. This is mainly thanks to the growth of production of leather shoes, that represents about 60% of foreign sales”. A true recovery that is supporting employment data too, after the grave difficulties of the previous year. Guanajuato is among the best states in Mexico in terms of labor pay. Companies associated with the Confederation of Industrial Chambers (Concamin) report salaries of over 500 pesos per day (about 23 euros), while there are others that are above 800 pesos (38 euros) for innovation and technology. Construction pays about 400 pesos (20 euros) per day.

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