From Iran and Uzbekistan discovering ASSOMAC and leather

Da Iran e Uzbekistan alla scoperta di ASSOMAC e della pelle

The initiative is called Italian Technology Award. Born thanks to Federmacchine and ITA-ICE Agency. For three years, it has involved ASSOMAC (National Association of Footwear Technology, Leather Goods and Tannery Manufacturers) too. Objective: spread the excellence of Italian technology. How? By involving and rewarding foreign university students. Those selected by ASSOMAC came from Iran and Uzbekistan.

The project and the visits

“This project – explains Andrea Favazzi, head of the Technological Area at ​​ASSOMAC – rewards students of foreign universities who have distinguished themselves in developing theses on technological processes. Of the 50 who arrived in Italy last week, four, after having followed a general course at the Catholic University, will be taken care of at ASSOMAC. We led them to discover Italian excellence, bringing them to visit, as in the past, the LP Fashion Studio”.

The students

The students “come from universities – continues Favazzi – from countries considered strategic by every association involved by Federmacchine. We have chosen students coming from Iran and Uzbekistan”. Specifically, two attended the Tashkent Institute of Textile and Light Industry. And two come from the Amirababir University of Technology. “Accompanied by their professors – concludes Favazzi – they have become aware of the sector”. A fundamental awareness for those who, “in the future, will find themselves making technological and product choices”.

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