Korean mission: Lineapelle explains leather to Seoul fashion designers

Korean mission: Lineapelle explains leather to Seoul fashion designers

All the quality of Italian leather. All its ability to be the top for its stylistic content, for the value of its performance, for the strategic nature of its all-round circularity. Lineapelle’s Korean mission continues. After the seminars on Friday, 5 April, reserved in particular for the world of design and automotive, today it was the turn of a selection of important fashion designers and fashion representatives from Seoul. Objective: to explain Italian leather and its innovative contemporaneity.

Korean mission

The second step of the training and networking project entitled K-Leather Taste Makers took place in Seoul in the futuristic context of the DDP, alias Dongdaemun Design Plaza, a multidisciplinary space managed by the Seoul Design Foundation. Target audience: top fashion designers connected with Seoul Fashion Week and, also, some representatives of the beauty world. A transversal presence, significant in terms of possible brand extensions, but also from the point of view of the circular narrative of the tanning process. A presentation that, in turn, knotted the tale of how leather manages to make even all its processing waste circular with its infinite stylistic versatility.

Explaining leather in Seoul

It is a world that requires knowledge and awareness, that of Korean fashion. A world that wants to touch with its own hands, as it did on Monday with Lineapelle, the green quality of leather, to discover it and understand how to incorporate it into its creative and production processes. Because this is, in a nutshell, the objective of Lineapelle’s Korean mission. To make the fashion world in Seoul discover (in some cases, even more than it already knows) leather and use it.

And, this way, given its ability to be inspirational and viral, become an ambassador of it. “A perfect presentation”, says Chung Chung Lee, creative director of the Lie Collection brand, “which allowed us, above all, to deepen and discover some important characteristics of the circularity of leather”. A testimony that sums up those of all the people present. Goal reached, then.

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