Dior’s “great potential” enchants Lecce by presenting Cruise collection

Dior’s “great potential” enchants Lecce by presenting Cruise collection

Back to roots. Focus on a creative director and a fashion brand, Dior, which, as remarked by analysts, found its way to stand up against the pandemic. Therefore suffering from its effects to a limited extent. However, claimed Chief Executive Officer Pietro Beccari, while talking to WWD, “I do not want to compare Dior with other companies. We are striving hard to do our work and we are trying to do our best. We believe that Dior may rely on a great potential. In my opinion, our brand is showing its ability”. Last night (22nd July 2020), Dior presented its long-awaited Cruise Collection. The fashion show took place in the homeland of Maria Grazia Chiuri, Dior creative director: Apulia. Venue: Lecce, Duomo Square.

A great potential

“We are here and we are making investments in the future: this is evidence that all of us, first and foremost LVMH (the owner of Dior: they will make public their half-year financial statements on 27th July 2020), believe in the brand and in its potential”, continued Beccari on WWD. “We are quite optimistically ready to make some investments as we feel that our brand has a very strong appeal”. Such investments are somehow countertrend compared with those of other fashion brands: for example, Dior keeps focusing its attention on some important events, like the one held in Lecce yesterday. It was a physical fashion show, with no audience though. Yet, people could follow the event on the fashion house’s digital channels and social networks (and others as well).

The Lecce Cruise Collection

While parading along the runway and perfectly intersecting with the Taranta, a dance marked by rhythm, sad though at times, Dior models, 45 in total, were wearing some dresses created by using also regional fabrics made by Le Costantine Foundation. During a 27-minute-long show, Maria Grazia Chiuri presented 90 look models: on the event occasion, they adorned Duomo Square, in Lecce, with special lighting colours, typical of Apulia’s patron saint holidays. She mixed large trousers with jackets outlining the body silhouette. Furthermore, she designed bobbin laces alongside impalpable skirts matched with leather corsets, large leather belts, boots and flat sandals. Of course, she focused on accessories as well. The Saddle Bag or the Lady Dior, for example.

A daily revolution

While creating Cruise 2021 collection, Maria Grazia Chiuri pictured a woman who fights and stands up every day, has a voice and expresses her ideas by using her own style. Moreover, she is aware of her strength and beauty. Likewise, she realizes she has to set some ongoing and daily revolutions, not only when it comes to fashion choices. That is why Dior fashion designer intentionally wanted to reaffirm it, once more, and make it clear on the stage lighting, which created a special perspective for the presentation of Cruise 2021 collection. On peut souvent créer des révolution sans les avoir cherchées.

Pictures taken from dior.com

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