Jing Daily condemns Dior: “Gaffes and bad Prada copie”

Jing Daily condemns Dior: “Gaffes and bad Prada copie”

“Another fail for Dior”. Not everyone in China appreciated some of Maria Grazia Chiuri‘s choices for the latest fashion show in Paris. On the contrary, Jing Daily has rejected the French fashion house rather definitively. The columns of the publication, which specialises in facts about the luxury industry, speak of imitations of Prada and Miu Miu‘s style. Not only: nationalistic issues, they disapprove of the choice of Korean pop star Jisoo as global ambassador. Why not a Chinese woman?

Jing Daily condemns Dior

Despite reaching an audience of over 52 million views, Jing Daily calls Dior’s livestream a failure. There are two reasons for this. Some comments call the looks bad copies of previous Prada and Miu Miu models. In addition, the young Chinese public did not like the presence of Jisoo, a member of the Korean band Blackpink. They would have preferred a Chinese ambassador in her place: “Are Chinese celebrities any less valuable than Korean ones?”. The objection comes despite the presence of two Chinese actresses in the video. “Isn’t it time for Dior to appoint a global ambassador from China?”.

The (Chinese) right to criticism

It is clear that an event seen by 54 million people can also attract criticism. And brands – Dior in this case – have to pay close attention to this criticism. According to Coresight Research, Chinese consumers are expected to spend 300 billion dollars this year on products featured in streaming videos. Jing Daily says brands cannot neglect this sales channel. “Despite its efforts, Dior continues to reap mixed results”: the fashion house’s increased popularity is followed by numerous negative feedbacks on Weibo.

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