Vegan, yes, but with a token: Pamela Anderson parades for Hugo Boss

Vegan, yes, but with a token: Pamela Anderson parades for Hugo Boss

Pamela Anderson parades for Hugo Boss”. The news could quickly be classified among those concerning stars (more or less on the crest of a wave) who lend themselves to fashion collaborations of various kinds. On the other hand, other old glories such as Naomi Campbell and DJ Khaled (pictured, left) have also participated in the same show with her.

But us, at La Conceria, have a habit of dwelling on details that are perhaps less interesting to others: like consistency. And that is why one detail jumps out at us in the participation of the former Baywatch diva at the fashion show. That is, that in less than a month the actress went from yet another PETA advertising campaign (“Vegans are better at love”, the slogan) to a fashion show where there were many leather products.

Pamela Anderson parades for Hugo Boss

Anderson boasts (so to speak) a long militancy in PETA, a radical green association that dreams of the complete elimination of animal materials from fashion and design. Although she has stumbled into “diplomatic incidents” with her own comrades in the past, one would expect that someone who has given so much to the vegan cause would be resistant to the idea of becoming an ambassador for a collection that has so much leather in it.

We don’t know whether the actress has asked for an exemption at least for herself, i.e. whether the shoes she is wearing are made of alternative materials or not (according to Vogue they are ‘patent leather pumps’). But certainly, the collection for summer 2023 that Boss presented in Miami is full of leather garments and accessories: skirts, shoes and bags, for him and for her. Stuff that should give her epidermal rashes and identity convulsions. But no, the former Baywatch diva was on the catwalk: vegan yes, but when it suits.

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