Brazil attacks Argentina for the footwear blocked at customs

Brazil attacks Argentina for the footwear blocked at customs

Brazil (verbally) attacks Argentina. Buenos Aires’ customs authorities is delaying the entry into the country of imported footwear from Brazil, with consequent economic damages to the latter. Brazil’s footwear association (Abicalçados).

 Brazil attacks Argentina

The reference association of the country stated that 328 thousand pairs of shoes are blocked at Argentina’s customs, while waiting for an entry permit. Of those, 315 thousand pairs have been there for more than 60 days, which is the maximum waiting period according to the WTO (World Trade Organization). Abicalçados’ Haroldo Ferreira, the association’s executive president, estimatd that exporting companies have already lost 3 million USD due to the delay. After 4 years of peace, the problem of importing and exporting footwear between Brazil and Argentina has returned: “When businesses informed the association that almost 850.000 pairs were waiting at customs – says Mr. Ferreira -, we had a meeting with the Argentinian ambassador in Brazil. The situation improved, but we remain vigil”.

Economic crisis

“Argentina is going through an economic crisis and needs to preserve its foreign currency stock. That’s why one of the first step taken by the government was that of blocking imports”, adds Ferreira. Abicalçados’ main concern is that by making trade between the two countries more difficult, some orders may be cancelled, payments may be delayed and other issues could arise. Brazil’s footwear industry sees Argentina as the 2nd most relevant market after the United States.

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