Simac Tanning Tech, day 1:” Considerable curiosity as a mirror of sector’s economic recovery”

At the end of Simac Tanning Tech first day exhibitors were not let down. On talks to several companies, it turns out that visitors have increased, compared to the past years; as well, Italian and international customers’ curiosity has  risen remarkably.” The first day feedback is extremely positive”, says Sabrina Bauce (Bauce). “Many visitors turned up, showing their interest; we are very happy about it”. As regards the market, and its trends, she stresses “the high number of foreign visitors, and a few Italians as well. Many visitors from China and Belarus;Italians  will mostly show up on second and third day, as they are more engaged in Lineapelle at first”. According to Mauro Bergozza, chairman of Bergi, it’s important to emphasize the fact that “ In the past we were used to thinking of the first day as a weak one; conversely many people came round, thus creating many contacts: we are happy about that”. Marketwise Bergozza points out that” We don’t have any countries acting as a landmark, hence we prefer a stop-and-go market, though running steadily. Not so common lately then: business low pressure and peak times follow each other in fact”. As well Cristiano Paccagnella, General Manager for Omac, says” I am quite happy as not many visitors usually come and see machinery on the fair first day. This year instead several customers, especially Americans, turned up: quite reassuring message for us, as we aim at that market . Many visitors from Asia and some Italians too, still big Italian groups are expected later on. Prospects are good”. Same good vibrations go for Adriano Peruzzi (Erretre): “We generally strive to set some appointments on the first day to offset low turnout, but our first impression was good. As for space outfitting, we can see exhibitors’ endeavour in their investments”. According to Giulio Tandura (Fratelli Carlessi), “the fair is really nice , and it shows a recovery-compared to the past years- which is a mirror of the overall economic recovery, including our field. We appreciate widespread curiosity for new technologies, which will enable us to survive. Good to hear that, for energy, environment and competitiveness”.


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