Walmart join bovine meat business to complete the industry process

Walmart entra nella carne bovina per completare la filiera

Walmart have eventually joined the bovine meat market. In fact, the US distribution giant has recently inaugurated its first packaging plant, situated in Thomasville, Georgia, twenty miles far from the border with Florida. They will handle Angus meat, produced by manufacturers based in the area. In doing so, Walmart are going to move forward with the completion of the industry process: they will be able to deal with meat production from soup to nuts, that is, from farming to store.

Walmart join bovine meat business

“Since traceability and transparency are getting more and more important to our customers, we have decided to join the bovine meat market”, illustrated Scott Neal, Meat senior vice-president of Walmart US. “We have created an unmatchable system that will enable us to supply guaranteed quality and value. Some of the best companies, actively working in the supply chain industry, will join our project: thanks to their support, we shall manage to provide clients with unique, top-notch quality. We are going to ensure transparency across the whole supply chain. Moreover, we shall take advantage of connections that will come up within our commercial activity”.


As reported by CNN, Walmart’s suppliers of bovine meat are Tyson (Walmart are Tyson’s top client supposedly) and Cargill. Thanks to the new investment, the American distribution company could therefore remove intermediary players, reduce costs and sell a high-end line of bovine meat in some of their selling stores.

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