Warsaw mon amour: Federpellami expands the headquarters in Poland for the collection and marketing of raw hides

A new warehouse of 3,000 square meters, equipped with refrigerators and stores, in addition to approximately 10,000 square meters of yards for the management of the leather. It was inaugurated in recent days the new plant near Warsaw Federpellami, of Santa Croce sull’Arno company specialising in the collection and trading of Polish raw hides. The monthly productivity of the Polish office ranges from 27 to 30,000 skins; both salted and kept cold. Federpellami was founded in 1991 and run by the family Rossi (Danilo with his son Filippo) and Betto (Giancarlo and his son Federico). “We already had a settlement in Poland, but much smaller and less functional than what we have now opened – explains Giancarlo Betto. With this new facility, which will be led by Filippo Rossi, we expect to grow further, although to date we already got 80% of the goals set five years ago when we focused on the collection of skins that come from Polish slaughter. Our market is open to all of Europe: Germany, Austria, to Spain and England. In Italy, we sell in particular in Arzignano, because we deal large leathers that are suitable for furniture and automotive”.


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