ICEC numbers and targets, between growth, sustainability and Lineapelle

Numeri e target di ICEC tra crescita, sostenibilità e Lineapelle

“ICEC evaluation is very positive. In fact, in the last three years we enjoyed a considerable growth, ranging from +10% to +15% every year. It means we have been working in the right way, while promoting our certification protocols and our services in Italy and in the world”. Sabrina Frontini, general manager of ICEC, illustrates numbers and targets of the certification institute for the leather sector. Certified tanneries have increased (127) as much as the number of certifications per area: 180 in the “Economy and Product” one, 42 in the Social area, 59 in the Environmental one. Likewise, Certificates of Sustainability have been increasing (24), issued by tanneries that have achieved at least one certification in each of the above-mentioned areas. ICEC takes part in Lineapelle: their information stand is located at hall 11, aisle Z03.

Why is such certificate advantageous?

We thought about certificate of sustainability to provide companies with a useful acknowledgement. It evidences that they have been joining a detectable excellence project. They deem such certificate as something important: that is why some more tanneries, besides the current 24, are going to take it. They just need a certification protocol, prior to certificate of sustainability: and we are talking about a relevant number of them. By the end of 2020, six more tanneries will expectedly have it.

How will you spotlight Certificate of Sustainability at Lineapelle?

At Lineapelle, in the Trend Areas we shall trace and spot the samples of companies that have taken the Certificate of Sustainability by the tannery name, its position at the fair and the certificate logo as well. Moreover, a few information graphic signposts will supply information to visitors and will highlight their value, which applies to leather on exhibit.

Where is ICEC work heading for?

Our activity runs on a very dynamic trend. Many brand new tanneries got in touch with ICEC. On top of that, many more call for access to further certification schemes. In particular, manufacturers of semi-finished products, crust and wet-blue contact us: they want to have leather traceability certified. They are both Italian and foreign companies. Thanks to them, tanneries, which are some of their clients, will be able to trace supply up to slaughterhouse or farming house.

Besides certified companies, ICEC are expanding their activity around…

Yes, indeed, our advertising activity abroad is proving rewarding. We have started some partnership projects in Brazil, Portugal, Spain and America. We have presented our services in France. Not to mention some meetings with a few fashion and luxury top brands, which decided to qualify their industry by certifying their suppliers abroad as well, through our services.

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