We take you to the Poltrona Frau Museum in Tolentino – GALLERY

We take you to the Poltrona Frau Museum in Tolentino - GALLERY

From the first armchair delivered to the Duke of Pistoia in 1919. To the Archibald Anniversary Limited Edition by Felipe Pantone in 2022. Passing through the seats in Steve Jobs Theatre in Cupertino’s Apple Park and in the European Parliament hall. The common denominator is leather, used for the interiors of Ferrari and for covering design objects. She is the absolute star of the Poltrona Frau Museum, 1,400 square metres in the Tolentino headquarters.

The Poltrona Frau Museum in Tolentino

The company archive became a museum in 2012. It was strongly desired by Franco Moschini and designed by Michele De Lucchi. It preserves the history of the company founded in Turin by Renzo Frau in 1912. There are the company’s iconic pieces, historical documents, and rare portraits of the founder. This museum illustrates the evolution of Poltrona Frau and the innovations that have distinguished it over time. The starting point is the armchair that Renzo Frau delivered to the Duke of Pistoia (who thanked him) in 1919. The object bears witness to the vision of the entrepreneur, who wanted to manufacture products for a wealthy clientele. At that time, cowhide was not so easily available and was replaced with sheep leather.

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Visit in 10 stages

The tour consists of 10 stages, one every 20 years of the brand’s age. Each shows the company’s innovations, including iconic armchairs such as the Vanity Fair (7,000 pieces sold) and the Archibald (40,000 pieces). There is no shortage of curiosities such as the photo of Aldo Brugiafreddo who, together with his wife, was the only artisan to accept the move from Turin to Tolentino in the 1960s, when the company passed to the Gabrielli family, who owned Conceria del Chienti and were Poltrona Frau’s suppliers. This led to Gio Ponti’s Dezza armchair (which was delivered in a box in 1965) and Poltrona Frau’s automotive debut with the Ferrari-powered Lancia Thema. In 2011, leather becomes a structure with a desk upholstered in fine Frau leather. The museum also houses a unique Ferrari with Poltrona Frau-branded interiors.

The maxi-library

In the Chiostrina maxi-showcase, the Archibald Anniversary Limited Edition by Felipe Pantone created this year is on display. Next to it is a wall made up of 1,104 leather squares with nuances symbolising the Marche landscape, from the colours of the mountains to those of the sea. On another wall are the names of the more than 200 architects who have collaborated with the company. In an adjacent area, the internal workings that transform raw materials into sofas are visualised. Poltrona Frau Museum, located in Via Colombo in Tolentino, attracts an average of about 6,000 visitors a year. The visit is free and with a guide (for a fee) it takes 90 minutes to complete.

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