Gianni Russo, president of UNIC: sustainability and cohesion, dialogue and rules for chemical analysis. Lineapelle back under tanners “full control”

“We resumed a transparent and constructive dialogue with all interlocutors, of the leather industry and not, public and private, while respecting mutual autonomy.” Gianni Russo, owner of Russo di Casandrino and Knight of Labor, underlines “the importance of dialogue and openness” during his first UNIC Assembly as president. Words “off the cuff”, pronounced after the reading of the traditional relationship and confirmed in an exclusive interview that our weekly, MdP-LaConceria, will publish in its next issue, available from Wednesday, July 6. We publish a preview. About UNIC, Gianni Russo says that “we are giving a new dimension to the associative activity, in which the entrepreneur emerges, to offer all Italian tanneries, associated or not, the best service and the perception to feel protected “. Then, sustainability, which “must become more and more a glue between association and companies: it is an inherent value in our DNA, with important investments, for example in the development of cogeneration plants”. Sensibility that, from another point of view, is expressed in the targets of the CLEAR project, “which deals with the analysis of the hides from various points of view and put around a table the most important brands.” Objective: a common way with designers and brands (the most important members have already joined the project) and define a protocol of rules that apply to everyone “which limit any arbitrariness of the laboratories.” Finally, Lineapelle, “the fair par excellence”: today’s meeting has allowed to announce that Italian tanners are going to get back to full control, because the dispute with BolognaFiere is close to the solution. Projects and targets that Gianni Russo declined in the plural: “We no longer want to be a soloists industry, we want to become an orchestra and create a stronger industrial feeling.”


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