Poletto Leathers keeps up: after joining LSEG European rankings, they participate in Borsa Italiana’s Elite programme

First, last June, they were numbered among the best 500 Italian companies: rankings were issued by the Economia, Corriere Della Sera, after assessing corporate financial statements over the last 7 years. Then, at the end of October, they were listed, together with five more Italian businesses, in the prestigious report “1000 companies to inspire Europe”, carried out by the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG), which takes into consideration the most relevant financial performance indicators (Mario Levi Group, based in Turin, alongside a few shoe factories, Premiata, based in Montegranaro, and Leo Shoes, based in Casarano, were also included in the rankings). Ultimately, they have recently joined, together with 35 more Italian companies, the Elite programme, an international community, promoted by Borsa Italiana, “dedicated to enterprises with a great growth potential”. Poletto Leathers tannery, headquartered in Arzignano, went through an authentic escalation. Emphasizes owner Sergio Poletto, who started the business 25 years ago, together with his brother, Claudio: “Such recognitions are very important and meaningful to our tannery: since 2009 to present, we have been growing up to 600%, therefore reaching 22 to 23 million euros in terms of turnover”. Furthermore, we are not talking about “passive” recognitions: in fact, “our taking part in the Elite programme will urge us to focus on the assessment of our work, throughout the year, while aiming at a new corporate and managerial attitude of mind”. What is the aim? “Not necessarily the Stock Exchange”, but the importance of grabbing the opportunity to financially support our own growth and development, therefore getting “independent” from the bank system. “Such is our challenge in the years to come”: we must face it, wraps up Poletto, “because we love our work”. And we want to pinpoint new managerial solutions to make it better.


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