Road to CSCB Sustainabililty Forum: the 4 pillars of the conference

Road to CSCB Sustainabililty Forum: i 4 pilastri del convegno

Sustainability is in the name of the event itself. Diego Moreira Ützig (Lanxess RTM for the Americas) and Celso Schwingel (Stahl Technical Manager for South America) will be talking about the technologies that can respond to new market demands and market trends. But the agenda of the CSCB Sustainabililty Forum – Leather in a hyperconnected world, scheduled today November 7th, at the Senai de Tecnologia em Couro e Meio Ambientedi Estância Velha (Brazil), is based on not on one, but on four pillars.


Speed ​​of information exchange and recognition of ongoing trends. Walter Rodrigues (coordinator of the Inspiramais Design Center) is tasked with tackling the subject of intelligence work in the leather industry. That is, of the need to identify, in the design process of a product, the demands of society in terms of costumes, art and technology.


New interaction platforms, new market players, new business strategies. Christiano Coelho, founder of the consulting company Liga Connected Branding, addresses the issue of doing business at the time of an hyperconnected society.


The common thread that links the first three pillars – sustainability, speed, connection – is communication. Discussing experiences and trends, Walter Rodrigues, Christiano Coelho and Rafael Andrade (curator of Design on the Skin project, Wow Creative Solutions and Strategy).

The Forum

CSCB Sustainability Forum, at its seventh edition, is organised by the Brazilian certification body  together with the Brazilian tanning association (CICB) and the support of the Brazilian Leather project, and coordinated with the agency for supporting foreign trade Apex-Brasil.


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