Tanning operations: Bonaudo acquires Conceria Conti

Tanning operations: Bonaudo acquires Conceria Conti

An operation under the sign of the desire to “offer an even more complete service to luxury customers”. But also to enhance the past and guarantee the future of a historic Lombard tannery. Bonaudo acquires Conceria Conti di Urgnano and opens up further market horizons.

Bonaudo acquires Conceria Conti

The transaction was concluded yesterday, 19 July 2022, and sanctions the transfer of 100% of the ownership of Conceria Conti (Urgnano) to Bonaudo. Conti has specialised for over 100 years (founded in 1910) in processing 100% metal-free, chrome-free, and bisphenol-free lamb, goat, and sheepskin. Bonaudo, a tannery specialising in top-quality leathers for the top end of the market, manages its current production on 4 sites. In order: the headquarter in Cuggiono (in the province of Milan) and the plants in Montebello (Vicenza, left in the photo), San Giovanni Ilarione (Verona), and Santa Croce sull’Arno (Pisa). In January 2019, it was the protagonist of another financial transaction, acquiring Conceria Cafra in Turbigo.

The comment

“The acquisition of Conceria Conti,” comments Bonaudo’s CEO, Alessandro Iliprandi (pictured), “allows us to strengthen our offer, inserting, in particular, linings destined for the production of leather goods of the main luxury Maisons. A choice that also allows Bonaudo to “meet the ever-increasing demand for materials with a low environmental impact,” concludes Iliprandi.

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