“No material is more sustainable than leather”, point out Aussie Bellroy. Americans to invest in them

Bellroy, an Australian leather goods company, founded in 2010, made a few comments about their sustainable mission, while emphasizing they have been traditionally looking for “biodegradable or recyclable materials, even though we never ever found, for our products, any other material better than leather. In fact, it proves to be resistant, durable and flexible; in addition, it smoothly adjusts to our needs. Not to mention that leather turns out to be long-term resistant, and even gets better after a while”, remarked the company on their website, where visitors may come across a section fully dedicated to hides, purchased from selected tanneries all over the world. Bellroy show a three-year guarantee, alongside the range of tints and properties of each single hide they use to manufacture their own products. Silas Capital, an emerging company headquartered in New York, consider the Aussie enterprise to be an interesting and prospective bargain. They did not make public any amount though. “Such new capital assets, along with our new business partnership, will enable us to augment the number of our clients all around the world”, announced in a press release Andy Fallshaw, co-founder and chief executive officer of Bellroy. 150,000 followers, on Instagram, currently like the company, which sells its products in 100 countries, through a few partnership deals with Nordstrom, Barneys New York, John Lewis and Patagonia. Yet, they carry out most of their sales online.


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