Jimmy Choo shoes take the lead, followed by Menswear and the Asian market. 2016 registered a + 14.5%

Shoes are king for the fashion powerhouse, generating 75% of revenues. Menswear represents only 9% but this segment it’s also the one registering the highest growth rate. The Asiatic market confirmed itself as a critical geographic area growing by 33.4% in the year. In 2016 JC had revenues for 364 million pounds (424 million euro), a rise of 14.5%, with an operating margin to 42.5 million pounds (+ 43%). The CEO of the label, Pierre Denis, defines the year of 2016 as “a milestone in the history of Jimmy Choo because of the record results regarding revenues and profits and that testify to the growth of the brand.”  In the US, where the brand is repositioning, revenue failed expectations with a -1.7% compared to the previous year. Meanwhile, Europe fared better the second half of the year exceeding the fear of terrorism, and with the United Kingdom being favoured by the weak pound. For 2017, Jimmy Choo will focus on Spain, where it’s preparing the opening of two stores in April, in Madrid and Barcelona, continuing its retail expansion. At the end of 2016, Jimmy Choo operated a network of 150 owned shops around the world, despite closing some retail premises in the United States. In 2017 ten new stores are slated to be opening.


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