The emerging Bertelli (Lorenzo) explains the blockchain for Prada

The emerging Bertelli (Lorenzo) explains the blockchain for Prada

In Prada group there is an emerging Bertelli. It is Lorenzo, 33, who will join the board of the family business on May 27. He currently holds the role of head of marketing and sustainability at Prada, and has followed for the brand the genesis of Aura, the consortium for the luxury blockchain. Lorenzo believes that with young people at the helm of luxury there will be less war and more collaboration.

The emerging Bertelli

Lorenzo Bertelli, the eldest son of Patrizio and Miuccia Prada, officially joined Prada’s organisation chart in 2017. He will join the board at the end of May. La Repubblica also reports on a family pact agreed and signed to guarantee the generational handover also at a financial level. “With the family pact – writes La Repubblica – an entrepreneur can appropriately manage the generational handover of his company”. How? “By transferring the shares of the company’s capital to one or more descendants, ensuring their continuity. And it is also a useful tool to avoid disputes regarding inheritance”. In addition to Lorenzo, the other protagonist of the pact is his brother Giulio, 31 years old.

The Aura consortium

For Lorenzo Bertelli (in the forum), behind the new Aura blockchain tool, there is more. “It is a collaboration between luxury players. You don’t necessarily have to be in competition all the time. I would like, however, that we go towards a real collaboration. It is a hope,” he told L’Economia (Corriere della Sera).

Bertelli recalled the genesis of the project: “Two years ago an invitation from LVMH arrived. At the beginning, we were many more than the three who founded the consortium”. Then he mentions an interview with the National Chamber of Fashion “to consider extending the collaboration”.

At the same interview, the young manager underlines a very important aspect of the luxury sector: “The mentality of groups is changing, there is greater openness. I know a little of all the second generations and I think that, yes, we are more open to collaborating rather than waging war on each other; this is perhaps a trend”.

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