Leather treatment: Medio Chiampo identifies two outlaws utilities. “It’s a loss for other tanneries, for the plant, and the company.”

In Montebello, Medio Chiampo has discovered, suspended and fined for a total of 1.55 million euro, two subcontractors tanneries (liming and tanning), Riviera and Cumar, <for apparent discrepancies between delivered unloading and the uploading>, explains Giuseppe Castaman, president of the plant. The two outlaws utilities have been identified through a <an investigation that began last spring> and <during the activity of improvement and upgrading of the structure, where we remarked operating problems due to abnormal discharge>. The two companies have seen suspended <temporarily the authorisation of the discharge of wastewater> – explains Castaman. The start of the revocation procedure is to adapt the limit of 30 days to the technical requirements identified in the discharging protection. Riviera and Cumar, if they want to be back on track, have to submit a business plan and enable significant actions, in addition to a series of internal restructuring that will lead <an intense reorganisation of their business>. “The structural abnormality” of which the two companies were responsible has had substantial consequences on several levels. It has affected its business, and regarding volume and pollutant load, it has increased the running costs in regards to the social context that revolves around the Medio Chiampo services. Concerning other tanneries connected to the sewage treatment plant, which for months have seen aggravate their performances of their discharges and, at the same time, reduced the possibilities of use of the system. ‘It is our duty to look into those aspects that make challenging the managing of the plant” declared Castaman. “This problem will damage not only the company but also the other businesses and the essential core of the economy of our country”.  To deliver <even more, guarantees of safety and efficiency> Medio Chiampo is completing a series of interventions that will, over the next three years bring <a significant improvement in purification, and to an increase in processes made within the plant>.


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