New Zealand, CRV heavy impact: Tasman Tanning cut 17 jobs

New Zealand, CRV heavy impact: Tasman Tanning cut 17 jobs

Tasman Tanning cut jobs. The tannery, based in New Zealand, has reportedly sacked 17 employees formerly working at the manufacturing plant of Whanganui. They supposedly made such decision after debating and discussing for a few weeks. For the records, should the overall economic situation pick up, the company will immediately call the employees back at work: they made it clear in a decision-related clause.

Tasman Tanning cut jobs

Tasman Tanning is one of New Zealand’s most important tanneries. They currently hire over 200 workers; some of its clients, among others, are a few players engaged in the automotive and aeronautical industries. Yet, CRV outbreak has been deeply affecting all of the trade businesses. In fact, as reported by, the pandemic has caused a remarkable downturn in orders. While dealing with such situation, the top managers of the company decided therefore to downsize. “Our customers have been variously affected by Covid-19 outbreak; actually, the pandemic impact is still hitting many of them”, pointed out Neville Dyer, Tasman Tanning general manager, while speaking to

Too many employees, not much work

Talking about the employees who lost their job, reportedly some of them had a permanent contract, while others had a short-term one. All of them had been on vacation for a few weeks. When they got back at work, in the factory, explained Dyer, they realized that employees were redundant whereas workload had decreased a great deal compared to a few months before. Tasman hope they will go back to normal standards, as they used to be prior to the crisis, by the end of the year, or within the first months of 2021 at the latest. As soon as it happens, announced the top managers of the tannery, based in New Zealand, they will immediately call the 17 laid-off employees back at work.

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